5 Hook Templates: Explode Your Following

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Here’s the harsh truth…

If your Hook is weak, nobody will read your content. No matter how good it is. Weak hooks equal dead posts. The only problem is most people don’t know where to start. But fear not! In this blog, I will reveal to you five proven hook templates that will explode your following in just 60 days. Get ready to level up your content game!

1. No Limits Headline

This headline makes a bold promise for unlimited amounts of the thing your reader desires most. It captures attention and sparks curiosity. Here's the template:

{Popular topic} thing for unlimited {desired result}

For example, you could say:

"Revenue hacks for unlimited growth: How I generate 5+ clients a month for myself and clients."

Pro tip: To make this Hook even more irresistible, use social proof and specific numbers. This builds credibility and makes the reader want to learn more.

2. Thought Leader Tear Down Headline

Everyone has a person in their niche they look up to. But not many know how they got there. This hook promises to give them the secret sauce. Here's the template:

The {King/Queen} of {Subject/Topic}: How {Famous Person} {achieved insane feat}:

For example:

"The King of Copywriting: How Dan Kennedy used trade secrets to make $18,000 an email"

Pro tip: Add specific numbers and power words like "trade-secrets" to increase reader curiosity. This will significantly increase the chances of them reading the rest of your piece.

3. The Tool Optimizer Headline

Who doesn’t want to improve their results with a quick fix? The optimizer hook plays on our tendency to pursue shiny objects to fix our problems. Here's the template:

3 {Subject Matter} Tools to boost your {Thing}: (& the best ways to use them right away!):

For example:

"3 Sales Tools to boost your close rate: (& the best ways to use them right away!):"

The success of this Hook depends on how easy the reader believes these tools will help achieve their desired result.

4. The Hacker Headline

People want success without the hard work. This headline appeals to that basic human tendency to take the path of least resistance. Here's the template:

7 {Topic Area} Tools to Hack Your {Desired Result}: (I use these to {achieve desired result} every week)

For example:

"7 CX Tools to Hack Your Customer Retention: (I use these to increase my LTV by 10% every month)"

In the world of fleeting attention spans, instant gratification is king. Utilize it in your Hooks and watch your engagement soar.

5. Win it back in half the time Headline

This headline boldly promises to halve the time it takes to achieve your results. It captivates readers by offering a shortcut to success. Here's the template:

I've built {Desired Thing} in {Specific Time Frame}. If I lost it all tomorrow, here's how I'd {Desired Result} in half the time:

For example:

"I've built my startup to a 7-figure exit in less than 24 months. If I lost it all tomorrow, here's how I'd build a profitable business in half the time."

Warning: This Hook makes a huge promise. Make sure to deliver on the promise of the Hook to avoid being perceived as clickbait. Transparency and authenticity are key in building trust with your audience.

Use these five Hook templates to create compelling headlines, capture attention, and grow your following. Remember, a strong Hook is the gateway to captivating content. Don't let your hard work go to waste because of a weak introduction. Unleash the power of these proven templates and watch your content soar to new heights.