How Naval Ravikant's Tweet Made Tim Denning $1.55M

Transforming Lives with Naval's Wisdom
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We've all come across a few tweets that resonate with us, but have you ever considered that implementing the principles shared in a tweet thread could potentially make you millions of dollars? Tim Denning did just that when he stumbled upon Naval Ravikant's tweet thread on May 31st, 2018. Five years later, people still can't get over it, and Tim has managed to turn those principles into a staggering $1.55 million. In this blog post, we'll explore how Tim leveraged the power of Naval's wisdom to grow his wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Seeking Wealth Over Money and Status

Naval's tweet thread is all about getting rich, but Tim quickly realized that getting rich alone is not the ultimate goal. Instead, he discovered that true wealth equals freedom. According to Naval, seeking wealth means having assets that earn money while you sleep. Money becomes a means to transfer time and wealth, while status is merely your position in the social hierarchy.

With this insight, Tim embarked on a journey to own assets that generate passive income. He recognized that relying on a traditional job would keep him trapped in the cycle of exchanging time for money. Instead, he collected a portfolio of financial assets that allowed him to make money even on days when he didn't work. Tim found this hidden truth frustrating because society fails to teach it, leaving many unaware of the path to true time freedom.

Owning Equity for Financial Freedom

The typical income model teaches us to sell our time. However, Naval's tweet thread resonated with Tim, as he understood that renting out his time would never lead to financial freedom. To break free from the prison of busyness, Tim realized he needed to become an owner rather than a renter. By either starting a business or owning a part of someone else's business, he could gain the leverage required for financial independence.

Tim recognized the importance of investing in himself as an aspiring business owner. This meant shifting his focus away from buying cryptocurrencies or dreaming of a viral YouTube channel. The key was to set his sights on either starting his own business or joining forces with a promising venture. By becoming an owner, Tim could escape the limitations of being a renter, constantly at the mercy of others.

Reading with Intention and Taking Action

Reading is often touted as the holy grail of personal growth, but Naval's tweet thread encouraged Tim to challenge this notion. He realized that while reading had its merits, it could easily become a form of silent procrastination without real-world application. Naval's insight prompted Tim to adopt the 80/20 rule: prioritize 80% experimentation and action while dedicating 20% of his time to reading.

This shift in approach allowed Tim to learn from his own mistakes and take action toward his goals. Rather than passively consuming books by successful individuals, he used their insights intentionally, extracting actionable steps to implement immediately. The key was to strike a balance between reading and doing, ensuring that knowledge was put into practice for maximum impact.

Embracing Ethical Wealth Creation

As Tim delved into the realms of wealth creation prompted by Naval's tweet thread, he was met with criticism from those who despised the idea of money and wealth. He realized that one's relationship with money determined their ability to generate wealth. Prior to Naval's wisdom, Tim himself had a toxic relationship with money, envious of those who seemed to have it all. This frustration manifested as a form of hatred toward anyone discussing money.

Naval's tweet thread taught Tim that making money wasn't inherently unethical. Money became a tool that could be used ethically, creating positive change when employed responsibly. Tim discovered that his perspective on wealth needed to shift from one of resentment to one of learning and growth. Understanding this mindset shift allowed him to open doors to newfound financial opportunities while ensuring he remained aligned with ethical principles.

Shifting Focus from Status to Meaningful Achievement

In a world obsessed with status games, Naval's tweet thread implored Tim to ignore those playing status games. It's all too common to see individuals associating their worth with job titles, material possessions, and social events. Tim recognized this addiction to status as a hindrance to personal freedom. Naval's wisdom challenged him to rethink his perspective on freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Tim understood that wanting to own his time and do as he pleased should be the default human behavior. However, society's conditioning often pushes individuals toward chasing status rather than seeking meaning and freedom. Utterly dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, Tim embraced Naval's teachings and focused on building meaningful achievements for himself. He realized that attacking those who built wealth was counterproductive, as it hindered personal growth and negatively impacted his own family.

Harnessing the Power of the Internet and Leverage

While the concept of the internet is far from new, Tim was surprised by how few people truly understood its potential. Naval's tweet thread highlighted the internet's ability to connect individuals with billions of people worldwide, transcending physical limitations. This subtle shift allowed Tim to recognize the immense opportunity presented by the internet to earn a living and discover new possibilities.

Tim merged his banking career with his growing online presence, and the results were transformative. The internet expanded his luck surface area, exposing him to previously unimaginable opportunities. However, he noticed that most people only utilized the internet for consumption, missing out on the endless benefits it could provide when leveraged for creation.

Code and Media as Tools of Leverage

In the past, real estate was the primary avenue for generating passive income while individuals slept. However, the internet unleashed new possibilities through code and media. These tools offer permissionless leverage, enabling individuals to create software or media that work for them even in their sleep.

Leverage is the key to exponential growth, allowing for greater results with minimal effort. Tim learned that recording media once could reach an audience multiple times, while deploying code once could produce ongoing results. This concept of leverage extended beyond traditional assets, demonstrating that strategic deployment of capital could also lead to amplified returns.

Setting an Aspirational Personal Hourly Rate

Naval's tweet thread revolutionized how Tim approached his time and potential outsourcing opportunities. He set an aspirational personal hourly rate, understanding that his time was valuable. If a task could be outsourced for less than his hourly rate, he delegated it to virtual assistants, saving both time and the mental burden of mundane tasks.

This shift in perspective allowed Tim to focus on high-leverage activities that aligned with his goals and values. The understanding that time saved translates to greater opportunities for growth and freedom became a driving force in his life.

Playing Iterated Games and Embracing Compound Interest

Naval's wealth creation advice emphasized the importance of playing iterated games and embracing the concept of compound interest. Tim grasped the notion that he didn't need to have all the answers upfront. Instead, he recognized that progress came from consistent iteration and a commitment to continuous improvement.

By embracing imperfection and recognizing that skill development occurs over time, Tim unlocked the power of compound interest. Leverage and compounding became the two fundamental concepts driving his wealth-building journey, leading to financial gains he once deemed unimaginable.

Wealth as a Means to a Meaningful Life

Finally, Tim realized that wealth alone wasn't the ultimate goal he had initially sought. While money and time play crucial roles in life, he discovered that a life of purpose was far more valuable. It wasn't about accumulating vast wealth but about finding meaning in his existence. Even with relatively modest financial requirements, Tim could spend more time engaged in activities that brought him joy and fulfillment.

Tim's journey echoed Naval's sentiment that the process itself, along with the ability to pursue a meaningful mission, far outweighed the pursuit of wealth for its own sake. The amount of money required to achieve fulfillment decreased significantly once he grasped this essential truth.


Naval Ravikant's tweet thread captivated Tim Denning, sparking a journey that transformed his life. By implementing the principles shared by Naval, Tim amassed a fortune of $1.55 million and achieved a level of financial freedom he had never before experienced. Naval's wisdom encouraged Tim to seek wealth over money and status, invest in assets that generate income while he sleeps, embrace the power of leverage in code and media, and focus on his passions and meaningful achievements. By understanding and applying these principles, Tim's life has been forever changed, proving that with the right mindset and actions, anyone can achieve financial success and personal fulfillment.