Justin Welsh's Insanely Simple $5.2M Marketing Strategy

Uncover the secrets behind Justin Welsh's massively successful marketing strategy
Content Marketing


In a world where business models are often praised for their complexity and grandeur, Justin Welsh has proven that simplicity can be just as effective, if not more so. His $5.2 million marketing strategy can be jotted down on a single piece of paper, and it's this simplicity that has led to his remarkable success. So, how does it work? Let's break it down step by step.

Step 1: Write Good Content

When it comes to content creation, Welsh believes in consistency and sticking to his themes. He doesn't try to be witty or current; instead, he focuses on delivering meaningful content that engages readers and helps them solve a problem. Whether he's talking about solopreneurship, building an online business, or designing a more intentional lifestyle, his goal is to offer insights and provoke thought. By nailing content that resonates with his audience, Welsh attracts people who are genuinely interested in his way of thinking.

Step 2: Link to an Article

Half an hour after sharing a piece of content, Welsh follows up with a link to an article on his website. But these aren't run-of-the-mill articles that regurgitate the same old advice. Each article aims to dive deeper into the point made in the content and provide valuable new layers of information. By doing so, Welsh establishes trust and authority with his readers.

Step 3: Link to a Product (In the Article)

Contrary to popular belief, the transition from content creation to sales doesn't have to be complicated. Welsh shows us that it can be a simple progression. In the articles he writes, he often includes a link to one of his products, along with the context of how the product solves the problem addressed in the article. Sometimes, he merely offers a gentle reminder at the end of the piece. This natural and non-salesy approach gives readers an action step if they're ready to start addressing the problem they've just read about.

Step 4: Make It Easy to Buy

When readers click on the links to Welsh's products, they are directed to simple and direct landing pages. These pages provide clear expectations of what the product offers, the problem it solves, its contents, pricing, and testimonials from satisfied customers. No beating around the bush. To make it even easier to buy, calls-to-action (CTAs) are strategically placed throughout the page. Welsh's product page, for example, includes a total of 11 CTAs, making it incredibly convenient for the right customer to purchase.

Step 5: Deliver

Welsh's ultimate goal isn't just to make a sale; it's to provide value that exceeds customers' expectations. He aims to wow his customers and turn skeptics into ecstatic buyers within minutes. His products may cost around $150, but the value they offer is worth at least $15,000. Welsh understands that when someone buys a product, they're not just investing money but also their valuable time. He believes in giving back that value tenfold.

Remember, it's easy to get caught up in complexity, especially as a solopreneur managing every aspect of your business. Welsh himself admits to occasionally overcomplicating things. However, he wants to remind you that complexity is not a prerequisite for success. The flow from social media content to a satisfied customer doesn't have to be a convoluted journey. By simplifying your approach and following Welsh's strategy, you'll be amazed at how everything falls into place.

If you have any questions about this strategy or anything else, feel free to ask.